A Very Fine Double Barrelled 18 bore Pistol with Bayonet

Ref: 431

Price: £???

Maker: John Manton

Date: 1797

With 10 inch side by side browned twist barrels, the sighted top rib inscribed MANTON LONDON, finely engraved tang with sighting groove, gold lined touch holes, plain stepped bevel edged locks signed MANTON with safety slides, swan necked cocks, roller frizzens engaging with ramps on the feather springs, well figured half stock with the butt chequered except for a flat strip of wood on each side, blued trigger guard finely engraved with trophies on the bow, pineapple finials to the trigger plate and rear ramrod pipe, an elongated forward pipe providing the base for an 8 inch bayonet released by raising the spring and swinging to the right, original brass tipped ramrod with capped charge removal screw. London proof marks. In fine condition with much original finish.

Provenance: Clay Bedford

Doug Mills.

Literature: The Manton Supplement by W. Keith Neal & D.H.L. Back p.40.

Early Firearms of Great Britain and Ireland from the Collection of Clay P. Bedford – Metropolitan Museum of Art No. 152 page 143.