A Cased 16 bore Double Barrelled Percussion Sporting Gun

Ref: 473

Price: £3,950

Maker: Joseph Manton

Date: 1805

Originally flintlock replaced by back action caplocks by Joseph Manton around 1825. With 28 inch browned sighted barrels, inscribed on the rib JOSEPH MANTON – HANOVER SQUARE -LONDON, long finely engraved tang, signed back action locks engraved with game scenes and foliage, figured walnut half stock with finely engraved steel furniture depicting scrolls foliage and game scenes; in its original mahogany case lined with green baize with accessories including black leather covered powder flask, shot belt, brass powder and shot measure, spring cramp and Rowntree cap tin; the interior of the lid with a Hanover Square trade label, the exterior with inset circular carrying handle. London proof marks.

Provenance: The original owner was Robert Bingley who had an appointment with the Royal Mint.

Literature: The Mantons: Gunmakers by W. Keith Neal and D.H.L. Back, page 235.

Notes: The barrels have no serial numbers underneath although the breech hooks are stamped 7924 (the 2 is inverted). It is thought that new barrels were fitted at the time of conversion. The Manton book appears to have misprinted the bore size at 10 instead of 16.