A Royal Double Barrelled 16 Bore Cased Percussion Sporting Gun

Ref: 429

Price: £???

Maker: Joseph Manton

Date: 1813

Originally flintlock converted to percussion by Tanner of Herzberg, with 30-inch browned twist barrels, signed on the elevated top rib “Joseph Manton’s New Improvements by His Majesty’s Patent”, gold lined breeches with gold tablets signed “Tanner Herzberg”, finely engraved tang featuring a strange moustachioed face, lock plates engraved with foliage and large sunbursts with musical scores on the stepped tails, gravitating stops removed, finely engraved dolphin hammers with gold inlaid eyes and teeth, walnut half stock, silver wrist escutcheon engraved with the royal crest of a crowned lion, finely engraved iron furniture with pineapple finials, brass tipped ramrod with capped worm, in its green baize lined mahogany case with accessories including powder and shot flasks and a Joseph Manton trade label.

Provenance: The Prince Adolphus, 1st Duke of Cambridge, KG, GCB, GCMG, GCH, PC (24th February 1774 to 8th July 1850)

Prince Adolphus was the tenth child and seventh son of King George III. He held the title of Duke of Cambridge from 1801 until his death and was Viceroy of Hanover on behalf of his brothers King George IV and King William IV. He was the grandfather of Mary of Teck, Queen Consort of King George V, great, great grandfather of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and great, great, great, great grandfather of His Royal Highness Prince William, Duke of Cambridge!