A Very Good 16 bore Percussion Sporting Gun S/N 8005

Ref: 374

Price: £???

Maker: Joseph Manton

Date: 1817

With 32 inch rebrowned barrels enscribed “Joseph Manton Davies Street Berkley Square London. Invenit et Fecit by His Majesty’s Patent.” along the top rib, engraved at the breech ensuite with the tang which displays typical Manton “foliated serpents” engraving, the locks have been converted by Joseph Manton from pelletlocks (which he patented in 1816) to caplocks with gravitating stops, the plates and hammers displaying more fine engraving, walnut half stock with cheek pad, engraved butt plate and trigger guard, with engraved pineapple finials to the trigger plate and ramrod entry pipe, original brass tipped ramrod with capped charge removal screw. London proof marks.

Provenance: The Earl of Yarborough, whose crest is on the wrist escutcheon. He used the gun as a pair to s/n 8029

Sir Richard Wallace

The Greener Collection

Field marshal Sir Francis Festing.

Literature: The Mantons by W. Keith Neal & D.H.L. Back p.262

Note: The locks are marked with a “5” inside and it is likely that Joseph Manton started his percussion guns with serial number 8001