A Fine Pair of Small 140-Bore Double-Barrelled Pocket-Pistols

Ref: 406

Price: £5,900

Maker: Hewson

Date: circa 1815

With round 1 ¼ inch turn-off barrels numbered from ‘0’ to ‘3’, engraved bands at the muzzles, octagonal borderline engraved breeches signed ‘HEWSON’ on the left and ‘LONDON’ on the right hand sides, boxlock actions with twin central cocks and engraved with martial trophies, rainproof pans, roller frizzen-springs, sliding safety catches also engaging the steels, finely chequered bag-shaped butts with white-metal oval escutcheons to the wrists, hidden folding triggers with engraved borders, both pistols retaining strong traces of original finish