A Fine Cased Pair of 40-bore Duelling Pistols

Ref: 615

Price: £16,500

Maker: John Blanch

Date: 1815

Each pistol with 9 3/4 inch browned sighted octagonal barrel, maker’s stamp and single line at the breech in platinum, platinum touch hole, engraved tang incorporating the rear sight, engraved bevel edged, signed detented lock with safety slide and roller frizzen, walnut half stock, blued iron furniture including engraved trigger guard with pineapple finial and butt cap engraved as a flower head, horn tipped ramrod one with capped charge extraction screw, both pistols with much original finish; contained in their original mahogany case with accessories including three way flask, ‘dog bone’ turn screws, ball mould, patch punch and cleaning rod, the case lined in green baize with maker’s trade label for 1811-1820, the the exterior with circular recessed carrying handle and brass escutcheon engraved “G. DENNE ESQ . CANTERBURY

Provenance: George Denne (1785—1819) was a member of  a wealthy Kent family and acquired his freedom of the city of Canterbury by patrimony in 1806. His father was a partner in the banking firm of Baker, Denne, Kingsford, Wigzell and Kingsford