A Very Fine Cased 13 bore Percussion Sporting Gun

Ref: 601

Price: £9,750

Maker: John Manton & Son, 11218

Date: 1837

With 30 inch browned sighted barrels inscribed on the top rib “John Manton & Son Dover Street London” finely engraved at the breech, the tang similarly engraved with foliage and a retriever, well figured walnut half stock chequered at the wrist, the locks finely engraved with game scenes and inscribed “John Manton & Son Patent”, iron furniture with further finely engraved foliage and game scenes including butt plate, trigger guard and pineapple finials to the trigger plate and ramrod entry pipe, in its original mahogany case lined in green baize with its original accessories including powder flask, shot belt, cleaning rods, nipple key, 13 bore wad punch and serial numbered ball mould, the interior of the lid with the original trade label for 1825-46, the exterior of the lid with circular inset brass carrying handle surrounding an escutcheon with stag’s head crest matching the wrist escutcheon on the gun. London proof marks. All in very fine condition with much original finish.