A Fine Pair of 48-Bore Box Lock Pocket Pistols

Ref: 443

Price: £3,950

Maker: John Twigg

Date: circa 1760

With 3 inch round turn off cannon barrels in three stages stamped ‘1’ and ‘2’ at the breech ends to match the numbers on the breeches, the actions with foliate engraving surrounding banners marked ‘TWIGG’ (his first form of signature) on the right hand side and ‘LONDON’ on the left, sliding trigger guard safeties which also engage the pan covers, flat sided walnut butts, complete with their turn-off key, in very fine condition and some original finish. London proof marks

Note: John Fox Twigg (1732-1790) was acknowledged as “a great gunmaker and an outstanding craftsman”. These little pistols are fine examples of the skills which he perfected and subsequently passed on to other great makers in his employ such as John Manton.