A Fine and Unusual Cased Pair of 34-Bore Travelling Pistols

Ref: 612

Price: £10,750

Maker: Joseph Egg

Date: circa 1815

Each pistol with browned twist 5 inch octagonal sighted barrel narrowed at the breech, silver fore-sight, tapering case-hardened patent breech signed in gold on the top flat and with platinum line, platinum touch-hole, tang incorporating the rear sight engraved with a martial trophy, border engraved case-hardened flat bevelled lock signed ‘Josh. Egg PATENT’, decorated with a starburst behind the rainproof pan set clear of the touch-hole, and with a martial trophy and foliage at the stepped tail, foliate engraved ‘French’ cock, signed border engraved steels, blued safety-catches and rollers, figured full stocks (one cracked in the ramrod-channel) with flattened finely chequered butt, border engraved blued steel mounts comprising pommel-cap decorated with foliage, trigger-guard with pineapple finial and decorated with a martial trophy on the bow, slotted ramrod-pipe, vacant silver wrist escutcheon and barrel-bolt escutcheons, original brass-tipped ramrods, one with iron worm with threaded brass cap, and much original finish: in original lined and fitted mahogany case with accessories including brass-mounted three-way powder-flask covered in red leather, turnscrew and loading rod, the interior of the lid with maker’s trade label for circa 1815-20, the exterior with circular vacant brass escutcheon centred on a flush-fitting circular brass carrying handle. Birmingham proof marks.

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The purpose of the pans set clear of the touch-holes is unclear. It has been suggested that they were intended for a secret priming powder of Joseph Egg’s own invention.