A Fine Cased Pair of 20 bore Double Barrelled Coaching Pistols (one pistol converted from flintlock to caplock)

Ref: 432

Price: £???

Maker: Joseph Manton

Date: 1814

Each pistol with a side-by-side pair of 10 inch rebrowned twist sighted barrels with the maker’s mark WF (William Fullard) stamped on the underside, broad elevated top rib finely engraved with a trophy at the breech between platinum poincoins stamped “Joseph Manton Patent” and a single platinum line; the flintlock pistol with platinum touch holes, bevel edged lock plates with engraved acanthus leaf borders, engraved stepped tails and inscribed JOSEPH MANTON LONDON, safety bolts, detents, rain proof pans and rollers fitted to the steels which are numbered 6470 and 6471; the percussion pistol has been converted during its working life by the drum and nipple method; both pistols with figured walnut half stocks with chequered grips, silver wrist escutcheons bearing the family crest of Viscount Hinton, finely engraved iron furniture including butt caps, trigger guards, ramrod tail pipes and trigger plates with finely executed pineapple finials , original horn tipped ramrods; in an altered mahogany Joseph Manton case with original Hanover Square trade label and some period accessories.

Literature: The Manton Supplement by Neal & Back page 244.

Note: These superb pistols with rare (for pistols) elevated top ribs were made for John, 5th Earl Poulett Viscount Hinton who was a friend of Col. Peter Hawker and mentioned in Col. Hawker’s diaries. Apparently one pistol would be loaded with shot and the other with ball so that the Viscount could shoot game from his coach whilst retaining a deterrent for highwaymen!