Very Rare 40 bore Four barrel Tap-Action Pistol

Ref: 28

Price: £25,000

Maker: Jover & Son

Date: circa 1785

With 9 ¾ inch sighted barrels signed in script at the breech and stamped with Hyderabad arsenal number beneath one breech. Silver fore-sight, gold lines and large gold-lined double touch holes, grooved tang engraved with flower, foliage and a line of beadwork, the flat bevelled locks each with a large roller, signed within a gold oval and finely engraved with a martial trophy flower heads and foliage en suite, trigger-guard in the French taste engraved with a martial trophy and flower heads, flat-sided figured rounded butt carved with a shell behind the barrel tang, border engraved silver butt-cap engraved with radiating leaves, vacant silver escutcheon within an engraved silver oval, and horn tipped ramrod .Barrelsmith’s mark WI.

Provenance: W. Keith Neal Collection

The Nizam of Hyderabad