A Very Rare Cased Trio of 12-Bore Percussion Double Barrelled Sporting Guns for ‘Imperial’ Caps

Ref: 548

Price: £12,500

Maker: Samuel & Charles Smith, s/n 5880/5881 for 1851 & 6139 for 1854

Date: 1851 & 1854

With 30 inch browned Damascus twist sighted barrels each signed in full along the rib and with silver bead fore-site, patent breeches each engraved ‘Smith’s Patent’ bordering nipple and platinum plugs decorated with a starburst between, tangs engraved with foliate scrolls and overlapping scales, signed border engraved slightly rounded serial numbered locks decorated with foliate scrolls, flat hammers en suite with the tangs and each with detachable nose, highly figured half-stocks (butts extended) with chequered grips, blued border engraved mounts comprising serial numbered butt-plates decorated with scrolling foliage on the heel tang, trigger guards and fore-end plates en suite, trigger plates each with foliate engraved pineapple shaped finial, silver escutcheons engraved with owner’s crest, no provision for ramrods: in original lined and fitted three-tier brass-mounted oak case with accessories including G. & J.W. Hawksley white metal mounted black leather powder and shot flasks, the first with four suspension rings, the latter with shield shaped vacant escutcheon, five brass mounted ramrods, leather shot belt with ‘Irish’ charger, turnscrews, nipple wrenches for Imperial nipples, mainspring clamp, and leather suspension strap for powder flasks, the interior of the lid with maker’s trade label, the exterior (old central split) with circular vacant brass escutcheon and recessed flush fitting carrying handles on each side, London proof marks

Footnotes: ‘Smith’s Patent Imperial Cap’ was patented on 7 August 1830 (British Patent No. 5978). These three guns have been expertly converted for standard caps and nipples by Tim Owen. For details see: cablefarm.co.uk/imperial-caps-and-nipples-Samuel-Smith

The original nipples are retained in the case.