A Fine Pair of 50-Bore Flintlock Pocket Pistols

Ref: 186

Price: £4,500

Maker: Walker, London

Date: circa 1730

With 3 ¼ inch three-stage turn-off cannon barrels each marked ‘LONDON’ and engraved with a band at the breech, border and scroll engraved tangs, rounded border engraved locks each signed ‘WALKER’, walnut half-stocks carved in relief with foliage around the barrel-tang, globuse butts and border and scroll engraved brass side-plates, trigger-guards and trigger-plates. London proof marks, maker’s mark of John Walker.

Other Notes: John Walker was made free of the Gunmakers Company by redemption in 1717 on the death of his master Joseph Shorey. His proof piece was approved in 1722 and he was elected Assistant in 1740 and Master in 1744. He died in 1748.